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Welcome to the Bees Class!

We are settling into the new term and a big highlight so far has been our drumming workshop to kick off our Djembe Africa topic. We really enjoyed learning how to play the drums and it gave all the children extra enthusiasm about researching Africa as a whole and the country of Kenya in particular.


Although ‘Africa’ is our over-arching topic for the term, here is a bit of information about what we will be doing in the other curriculum areas:


English – Information texts, Traditional Tales from other Cultures, Poetry about our ‘senses’ and learning to write Instructions.

Maths – Multiplication, division, consolidation of addition and subtraction, and then moving onto shape, fractions and measures

RE- Gospel theme – What is the good news Jesus brings?

Science – Living things and their habitats

Art/DT and Music – all related to our Africa topic – involving sculpture, painting, making food


There will be a few new things happening this term. We will be sending home a Show and Tell box each week so that the children can bring in some special things to share with the class. More information about this will be provided when it is your child’s turn.

We will also be starting to send home some Maths and English homework activities with the children once or twice a week. Again, more information will be provided about this in a separate letter.


We are really enjoying working with the children again this term and seeing their developing ‘growth mind set’ as they tackle the challenges of Year 2.


We hope this provides you with some useful information. Please let us know if you have a question or you would like a chat.


Mrs Harley, Mrs Fouche and Mrs Fisher