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Welcome to the Bees Class!

We have had a busy start to the Spring term and the children have come back after the Christmas holidays ready to take on new challenges.

Mrs Harley will be continuing to teach your children all day on Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Fouche will be teaching the children on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Fisher will be supporting us in class every morning and Mrs Walker and Miss Arbon will also be helping in class a couple of afternoons a week.

Our overall topic for this term is ‘China’. We will be using this to learn develop our Geography skills with atlas work, as well as investigating festivals, traditions and making comparisons between different ways of life. We have also taken the opportunity to celebrate our ‘multi-cultural’ class and to find out more about these cultures. We have displayed some of our findings on one of the display boards outside our class.

We have a ‘Work to Bee Proud of’ board and we will encourage the children to share and display work and achievements they are proud of. This could be work done at school or at home so please let us know if there is anything we can celebrate.

 You may have heard from your child about ‘Bobby’ and ‘Beatrice’ who are very friendly Bees. Bobby and Beatrice choose two children to take them home each weekend. The children chosen have shown that they have worked well towards our class targets. The children can just enjoy having a little friend home for the weekend, but often they enjoy writing stories, taking photographs and making booklets – so no pressure!

The most important form of homework this term will be daily reading at home. Reading regularly at home with an adult makes a huge difference to the children’s ability to develop their reading skills. In addition, we will read with individual children at school, as well as sharing books with guided groups and whole class stories. You will already be familiar with how the reading scheme works. We would also like you to take the time to look at spelling patterns in books, the use of punctuation and grammar and how that could help your child as a reader and writer. It is very important to discuss the books the children are reading so that they can develop their comprehension skills and start to notice the differences between fiction and non-fiction books. We would also like to encourage the children to write book reviews about books they have enjoyed – or even ones they haven’t enjoyed. Lots of practice on Mathletics is really useful too!

After the half term holiday we will start to give the children English and Maths tasks to complete each week. The children usually really enjoy doing these activities and they support the work we are doing in class.

PE kits can be left in school. The children will have an extended session of PE on a Wednesday afternoon. They will also have regular ‘Wake and Shake’ activities to keep them active.

 As part of our computing curriculum, we teach the children the basics of e-safety. In Year Two the children will be thinking about how to stay safe online. If you would like any further advice about any aspects of e-safety there is a recommended website which has age related advice.

The children will continue to have an opportunity to share something of interest every other week. This ensures that every child will have a regular opportunity to ‘show and tell’. If possible encourage your child to choose something related to our termly topic to bring in to share.

 We are enjoying a busy and exciting term and we hope your child is enjoying it too. If you ever have a concern, worry or question then please do not hesitate to contact us via the office or catch us in the playground after school.


Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Harley, Mrs Fouche and Mrs Fisher