Welcome back to the Autumn Term in Butterfly Class.


Our overall topic this term is called ‘Firsts’. We will be using this to learn about real life events and real people who achieved significant accomplishments for the first time. We shall begin the term looking at the first moon landing and reading stories about the moon. We shall also be using our topic to look at many other firsts.


In class, we will have a very special board for ‘firsts’ so if your child has achieved something for the first time they will be able to come and put that achievement up on the board. It can be an achievement at school or something they have managed to do for the first time at home.


Treasure Box is a time in class when the children are able to bring in something from home to talk about in class. Each child will have a designated day. They will then have the chance to talk and ‘present’ their treasure to the class. The rest of the class will be able to ask questions. We hope this will help develop their speaking and listening skills as well as their questioning ability.


The most important form of homework in year one is daily reading at home. You will already be familiar with how the reading scheme works. Please do pop in and have a chat if you are concerned at all about anything to do with the reading books.


We are very much looking forward to an exciting term and we hope your child will be too.


Thank you for your continuing support.


Victoria Hirst and Jane Fouche

We have been looking at the work of the Victorian artist William Morris. We have designed our own prints and had fun doing printing.
In the mornings we have been enjoying reading The Queen's hat by Steve Antony. We have made maps for the Beebots to travel on using the places in the book. We have written algorithms for the Beebots to use to travel around the maps.
We have been learning all about plants and trees this half term and Butterflies made posters for the 'Daffodil Garden Centre' to show what they had learned. 
Here are our sculptures based on work by Andy Goldsworthy.
We have been thinking about the World Around Us. Last week we were lucky enough to go on a village walk and carried out some sketching of the Smithy and the Church. We also looked at our playground and did some rubbings using wax crayons and used water colours to create our own designs.
This week we are learning about our hens that we keep at school. We shall be writing some information booklets to tell others about how to care for them.
Welcome back to the Summer Term. We have already had a busy few days and the children have been learning about our new topic of The World Around Us. We shall be making use of our village and looking at maps. We have already been on a nature walk around school and been  looking at Nature's Favourite Colour in our art work.
We are lucky to have Miss Hulme working with us for this half of the term and we have lots of exciting things planned.

Welcome to Butterflies.

We have had a very busy Spring Term. The children have really enjoyed looking at 'Celebrations Around the World'. The children have been learning about the continents, oceans and the United Kingdom. The children have produced some excellent non-chronological reports on Chinese New Year. One of the highlights of the term was making a healthy snack. We learnt how to sieve, grate, knead and make delicious wholemeal cheese and carrot scones. 

On the 22nd of March we visited Wandlebury. We had a fantastic day learning about the seasons and looking out for signs of Spring. We learnt about different trees and made some art work. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.  


Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Spring Term in Butterfly Class. We are looking forward to a busy term with lots of exciting things happening.


Our overall topic this term is called ‘Celebrations’. We shall be learning about Chinese New Year in particular and some other lesser known celebrations that happen around the world. This will link to our geography work and one of our aims for this term to learn the names of the continents and oceans of the world, and the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities. I am sure the children will rise to this challenge.


In Science the children will be learning about materials and changes. We shall be continuing to use our Purple Mash accounts in Computing lessons and shall enjoy using the ipads. It would be really helpful if the children could practise logging on themselves and using their passwords, with your help at home to build up their independence. The children will also be learning about algorithms and using Beebots for the programming. In R.E.at the start of this term we will be exploring how people today can be a part of the ‘BIG STORY’ of the Bible. As we approach Easter time we will then be learning about what happened on Palm Sunday and the effect that it had. 


Homework in Year One and Two continues to take the form of reading. Year One will be also receiving some additional words/sounds to read on a weekly basis in preparation for the phonics check that takes place in the Summer term. A letter will be going out shortly regarding this. Year Two will begin to have some written homework and Mrs Harley will be informing you about the changes.


This term as a whole school, we shall be looking at learning our memory verse from the bible. this term it is Colossians 3 verses 12-17. We shall also be trying to learn this term’s poem off by heart – which you shall hear about soon.

 As last term, PE kits will need to be in school on Monday and Wednesday.

 We are very much looking forward to an exciting term and we hope your child will be too.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Victoria Hirst and Jane Fouche



Spring 2016

This term we shall we welcoming Mrs Fouche to Butterflies whilst Mrs How is on maternity leave. Mrs Fouche will be teaching on Thursday and Friday.  Our topic this term is called Celebrations. We shall be learning about different celebrations around the continents of the world. We shall be particularly looking at Chinese New Year. We shall be linking this to art and design. In Computing lessons we shall be using Beebots to write and learn about algorithms. P.E will continue to be on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

We are looking forward to a busy term. 

Mrs Hirst 


September 2015

Welcome to Butterflies. The children have been busy settling in to their new routines as this year the Year Ones and Twos will be taught separately in the mornings. In the afternoons the children will return to their mixed year groups.  The topic for this term is Heroes and Heroines. Later on in the term we shall be having a special History off the Page day where we shall learn about Florence Nightingale. This is something to look forward to. 

PE days are Monday and Wednesdays. 

We are looking forward to this busy term. If you do have any questions please do pop into school and have a chat with one of us. 

Mrs How and Mrs Hirst


June 2015

We have had a very busy few weeks enjoying the stories of Paddington Bear. We are looking forward to writing our own stories on Paddington and having a Paddington Tea Party later on in this term. 


April 2015

Welcome back. This term we shall be starting our new topic called 'Fire Fire'. We shall be learning all about The Great Fire of London. We are especially looking forward to our trip to St. Paul's Cathedral. Our role play area shall soon be turned into a bakery and in Design and Technology we shall be making our own moving vehicles. 

We are looking forward to a hardworking and fun summer term in Butterflies. 

Mrs Hirst and Mrs How


January 2015

This term our topic is 'Africa'. We shall be learning about Kenya and the Masai Mara. We shall be making African bead necklaces and  pinch pots in art. In English we shall be writing our own traditional African Tinga Tinga Tales and working on improving our story writing and telling. Later on in the term we shall be making fruit smoothies and we hope to have an African drumming  workshop. The children have already made some super pictures and woven flags that are on display - please do pop into the classroom if your child would like to show them to you. 

Children in Year 2 shall be receiving homework as well as their regular reading and maths games.

Monday: Maths homework will be given out. Please return it on the following Monday. 

Wednesday: English homework will be given out. Please return it on the following Wednesday.

We are looking forward to a hard working and exciting term in Butterflies.

Mrs Hirst, Mrs How and Miss Morgan


November 2014

We have had a busy few months back at school. All of us ( pupils and teachers alike) have really enjoyed our new topic on 'Firsts'. We found out a lot about the First World War. We have also been learning about the first man on the moon and wrote some fantastic recounts about the moon landing. In the next few months we shall be learning about the first flight and also look forward to performing our Nativity just before Christmas. 


September 2014

Welcome Back

We hope you have all had a wonderful holiday. We are looking forward to an exciting time in Butterflies. Our new topic is called 'Firsts'. We shall begin our term finding out about the First World War which the whole school shall also be learning about. In history we shall be finding out about the first flight and the first man on the moon. Our role play area will be an invention corner where the children will be encouraged to make their own innovations. We would appreciate any donations of equipment for junk modelling in our role play area. 

Each child will have a designated day for 'Treasure Box'. Please encourage them to bring items in from home and be ready to talk about them and answer questions about them. We will provide a list of suitable things to bring in ranging from 'something from your holiday' to 'my favourite poem'. 

We are looking forward to this busy term. If you do have any questions please do pop into school and have a chat with one of us. 

Many thanks.

Mrs Hirst and Mrs How

Update: We had a fantastic trip to Ely. We really enjoyed visiting Oliver Cromwell's house. We have learnt a lot about his life and written some amazing recounts of his life - thinking all the time about interesting sentence openers and historical facts to include. We are just about to start our last literacy project of the year - James and the Giant Peach. 

June 2014

This term we have really enjoyed writing stories about the 'Mystery of the Missing Gnomes'. We learnt about the language of detective stories and the main character in our story was called William the International Cat of Mystery. We are just about to start some topic work on Oliver Cromwell and will be visiting his house. 

March 2014

Last week we enjoyed World Book Day. Lots of children dressed up as book characters and in Butterflies we did some special activities. We designed and entered a book mark competition and we also enjoyed playing DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) throughout the day. This week we are writing our own school stories based on Julia Donaldson's book Zog. Watch out for some of our stories to read. 


January 2014

Happy New Year. This term we are learning about Celebrations and Festivals. We have already begun looking at Chinese New Year and we enjoyed finding out about the different animals in the Chinese calendar. In our class we have rats, boars and dogs! 


December 2013

Well done to all the children for their performance in Busy Busy Bethlehem. It was amazing and everyone enjoyed watching it. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas holiday and look forward to seeing you all in 2014. 

October 2013

We have enjoyed our first half term of this year and have been very busy. Next half term we shall be visiting Duxford Imperial War Museum and finding out about heroes from the war in our work on Remembrance. Have a lovely half term break and if you have time don't forget to send Tom the elephant a postcard from your travels. 

Autumn 2013

Welcome back. We hope you have had a fantastic summer. The children have already settled in well and are getting used to all the new routines. We have started our topic of 'Heroes' and we have been writing stories about superheroes. Here is one of our stories that we have written.

Super Hero Rescue

One murky day the enormous crocodile wondered in to the fun fair. Then the enormous crocodile was just about to gobble up a juicy little child when Super Hero man flew in and tied up the croc and threw him in the river. The Super Hero man made a wall of sticky tape and the crocodile got stuck. The Super Hero built a wall on top of the water and every time the croc wanted to get up he would bump his head. So that was the end of the crocodile.

By Josca


Spring Term

We had a fantastic afternoon with a drumming workshop as part of our Africa topic. Have a look at the photos. 

Summer Term

Our topic is Fire Fire. We were lucky enough to visit  St. Paul's Cathedral. The children were very well behaved and we had a fantastic day. 

Recount of the day written by Charlie.

'On Wednesday I was happy because we were going to St. Paul's Cathedral. First we got on the bus. When we got to London I saw the RIver Thames. When the driver dropped us off we could see St. Paul's Cathedral. When we got in we all went to the toilet. After that we got on our back and looked at some paintings. After that we went to the whispering gallery. After that we had lunch it was really amazing. Later we went and did some drawings and then we went home.'