Autumn Term 2016
Meet The Teacher - Thursday 8th September
Notes from the meeting: -
  • Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school daily
  • Please ensure that your child has a reading book in school daily - this may be a book from home or school
  • Children may filter into the classroom from 9:50 and are registered at 9:00
  • Full P.E kit needs to be in school each day- sorts, tee shirt, tracksuit and trainers.
  • Pencil cases should be flat enough to fit into drawers or returned to school bags. All children need a black writing pen and a glue- stick. These need to be checked and replaced as needed. A few coloured pencil crayons, some fine liners and a short ruler are also useful. Please avoid anything sparkly or neon. A black and a purple fine liner are the most useful. Please name items and avoid lots of expensive stationary!
  • Homework- Mental Maths is due in every Friday. Reading and spelling daily. Please ensure that Spelling Book is in school every day as we use it in class. Spelling Tests will be on a Thursday. Year 6 will get additional homework later in the year
  • Please pop in to see me if you have any concerns or important information to pass on
Useful Information about this Term
Tuesday 13th September - dressing up for Roald Dahl Day
Tuesday 11th/Thursday 13th October -  Parent's Evening
Wednesday 19th October - Theatre Visit - The Railway Children
Friday 21st/Monday 31st of October - INSET DAYS
N.B - next term - January 2017 - Bikeability - please check that you have returned a form and that you have a bike and helmet ready.
Please pop in if you have any questions .
  •  Spring Term 2016
    All the children have come back to school after Christmas with renewed energy and enthusiasm. I feel so proud of them already!
    This term we will listen to' Private Peaceful' and develop our reading comprehension skills .We will continue to work on our grammar,punctuation and spelling. This term we are working on the year5/6 spelling list which is stuck in planners. We will also recap on the spelling patterns learnt last term. The children will work hard to improve their sentence and paragraphing skills. Please help your child to select suitable reading material and encourage them to read at home as much as possible.
    This term we continue to work hard with our Mental Maths. This is essential homework and really benefits the children. Please also encourage your child to access Mathletics often as it does cover much of the curriculum and is fairly challenging. If it is much too easy or too tricky please let me know and I can modify it. We will focus on statistics before half term and then measure after half term.
    This term is our chemistry term however we are starting with biology as we need to fit in some more learn ing about life cycles,adaptation and evolution. In chemistry we will focus on materials and states of matter. The year 6 children will visit Cambridge University to attend a science lecture all about water!
    We are extending our sentences and conversations thinking about places we have visited and places we know about.
    We are looking closely at the geography of The British Isles.
    Our topic is 'Design Make Evaluate'
    This will include cooking a variety of savoury dishes and involve exploring bridges!
    We will be exploring Hinduism followed by Easter.
    We will be looking at a range of British artists and designers.
    This is only a snapshot of what we will be covering . If you would like to know more please pop in to see me. This promises to be an exciting and hardworking term!
    Autumn Term 2015
    This term will be following our spelling programme. We will cover the following endings: -cious, -tious,-cial,-tial,-ant,-ance,-ancy,-ent,-ence and -ency. We will also work on the new upper keystage 2 list .
    We will continue to improve writing skills and we will focus on tenses,imagary and complex sentences. We will all learn the hymn Jerusalem as a poem by William Blake.
    This term will will work on fractions,decimals,percentages,ratio and formal methods of long division and long multiplication. Year 6 will recieve additional homework on a Friday. All children are encouraged to use Mathletics at home. I have increased the levels of difficulty , so please have a go!
    Our topic this term is Rights and Responsibilities. We will explore our history,geography,R.E, art and drama through this topic.We hope to visit Hampton Court as part of this project. More information will follow. As part of our Bristish studies we will be exploring the geography of the British Isles and we will focus on Wales in detail.
    We start the year with biology. We are exploring the heart and lungs in humans as a starting point.
    Spring Term 2015
    This term our topic is : The Legacy of Ancient Greece.
    In geography we will explore the country of Greece and the surrounding area. We will look at climate,population,physical landscape,tourism and transport.
    In history we will investigate the world of Ancient Greece ; how it rose to power and how the civilisation developed. We will find out about the lives of ordinary people as well as leaders and influential figures. We will explore the art and music of Ancient Greece and find out about the architecture of the period.
    Design and technology
    We will create a Greek banquet and explore the diet and dishes of Ancient Greece. We will design and make a Greek plate and vase.
    In English we will read and re - create Greek myths. We will also explore our traditional tales and fairy tales . We continue with our spelling programme every morning and will be bringing home our English Skills homework on a Monday , to be returned by Thursday. We will write in a range of non-fiction forms linked to our topic including; biographies,recounts,diary entries and newspaper reports. This term we will be planning and delivering a talk to another year group .
    This term we are exploring chemistry. We will investigate materials and their properties . We will examine changes to materials . We will also introduce the periodic table and begin to learn some of the key elements.
    We continue to calculate in increasingly complex contexts and ensure that we have a secure written method for long multiplication and division.
    We continue to explore shape,time, angles ,perimeter and area.
    We will explore adding and subtracting fractions,data handling and algebra.
    Mental Maths groups continue on a Tuesday morning and all homework needs to be completed by the Monday of the same week.
    To explore the teachings of Buddhism.
    To ensure that we know how to keep safe using the internet.
    To design and to write simple programmes using Scratch.
     Summer Term 2015
    This term our topic is 'Light and Sound'.
    This is a science based topic and this term our focus is 'Physics'.We are starting our topic with a visit from a visiting Planetarium.
    English: We will start the term reading 'The Railway Children' and focussing our learning around its themes and characters. We will continue with our programme of spelling , punctuation and grammar.
    Maths: We will start the term revising all the skills and concepts learnt so far this year. We will also move onto more advanced work with algebra,fractions, calculations and more complex word problems.
    Music,Art,Dance,Design and Technology and Drama : We will be exploring 'Oliver Twist' and performing to parents towards the end of the summer term.
    History and Geography: We will be exploring physical geography and we will link our history learning with our summer production.
    R.E: This term our theme is ' Christians in Other Parts of the World'.
    French: This term our learning will focus on travel.
    Computing: We will continue with coding and creating a variety of games using Scratch and Purple Mash.
    Summer Term 2016
    A big thank you to all children and parents who supported the school during Daffodil Weekend. The children sang and recited beautifully .
    This term our topic is called, ' Light , Camera , Action ! ' .
    We will be exploring light ,forces and electricity in science.
    In Computing we will be creating films.
    In English we will be looking at Shakespeare. We will be writing playscripts and having drama lessons based on some of Shakespeare's plays in preparation for our end of year production, ' The Tempest' .
    In Music we will be linking our music and singing to films and Shakespeare.
    This term we will be re-visiting all the elements of the curriculum taught so far , as well as exploring shape, time and measure in greater depth. We will also dip into the year 7 curriculum in order to prepare the year 6's for their transition to secondary school in September. Please continue to use Mathletics at home to practise any areas of weakness or to challenge yourself further!
    Along with our focus on Shakespeare we will continue with our spelling programme. Please ensure that you are still working on your list in your planner. We continue to read daily in school so please ensure that you have a quality book available on your desk.
    This term our topic is about the Bible as a handbook for life. We will also be exploring a range of philosophical questions .