We want our children to love maths and to believe that they can do it. Maths lessons at Thriplow Primary School are full of discussion and discovery. In KS2 an hour and a half of each school day is devoted to the subject.  Our approach combines two equally important aspects of what it means to be “mathematically literate”. The first is a strong emphasis on knowledge and application of key facts such as times tables, place value, calculations and the number system. The second seeks to explore how we can apply this knowledge, and build upon it via problem solving. We allow children to try things out for themselves, with lots of practical activities. We want children to see how important and valuable “mistakes” are in furthering their mathematical understanding. Our whole school maths Topics, which happen each term for a fortnight, give pupils the opportunity to explore a chosen aspect of the subject in more depth. Topics such as “Time”, “Money” and “The Beauty of Maths” have opened the children’s eyes to the vast practical and philosophical significance of this subject both to them as individuals and to the world they live in.