Music at Thriplow

Music at Thriplow

Music at Thriplow is a valued subject and staff recognise the impact a quality musical education can have on the whole child - stimulating creativity, confidence and cultural awareness.

Within class time, children are exposed to a varied music curriculum. Children are given the opportunity to create, evaluate and perform. They are exposed to the music of ‘the greats’ and make links between music and history.

From years 2 -6, children receive weekly recorder tuition, enabling them to learn to read basic notation and feel the satisfaction of improving week by week and ultimately performing and sharing their learning with others.

Each class adopts a ‘Composer of the Year’. These are chronological throughout years 1-6, so that children have an understanding of how music has changed and evolved through time from the Baroque to the Modern Eras. Children are familiar with works by these composers and research their lives, adding key information to our school timeline. In addition to the class composers, children are also exposed to music by a variety of other composers, often linking to their topic, thus expanding their musical knowledge and awareness of cultural history.

Singing is a central part of life at Thriplow. Singing takes place every day in Collective Worship, which includes weekly ‘Praise’ assembly, where singing skills are taught as well as new songs learnt. Children have the opportunity to evaluate these times in order to take ownership.

There is a thriving school choir at Thriplow, which for half of the academic year comprises of Key Stage 2, and culminates in a massed choir performance at the O2, and the second half comprises of years 1, 2 and 3, thus cultivating a love of singing and rehearsing in children at a young age.

There are two major performances that take place throughout the year. Key Stage 2 perform a musical production in the summer which is hugely important for increasing confidence in children, a transferable skill which is often evident across the curriculum. Key Stage 1 and EYFS perform a musical Nativity Play at Christmas. The exposure to singing, performance and musical awareness at a young age is vital for helping children to believe in themselves, and increase self-esteem.

Twice a year we put on school concerts, at which many children perform. Children even at beginner levels on instruments are encouraged, and do, perform to a large yet appreciative audience of parents and friends.

We welcomed a group of experienced recorder players into school They played some pieces they had been practising and year 5 and 6 played in ensemble with them. Year 2, 3 and 4 played the pieces they had been practising.