At Thriplow Primary School we want the children to be excited about exploring and investigating. Our science lessons are planned to be delivered in practical and exciting ways with links to other areas of the curriculum. We consider scientific skills such as questioning, predicting and planning to be vitally important and therefore aim to develop these abilities alongside the subject knowledge.


The science curriculum is split into the subject areas of biology, chemistry and physics. A topic relating to at least one of these areas is covered each term. By the end of each key stage all of the topics for each area will have been taught providing the children with the knowledge and skills to progress to the next stage.


Science is normally taught in weekly sessions but it is timetabled flexibly to allow for longer sessions if they are required to complete an investigation.


The enthusiasm for science at Thriplow can be seen in lessons, through talking to the children about what they are learning and in the eye-catching displays around the school. However, it is at its most obvious during Science Week when the entries for the yearly science competition take over the hall. This year the children were asked to create ‘A Physical Representation of a Scientific Discovery’ and as you can see from the photograph the response was wonderful.