Aims and Ethos

The purpose of Thriplow Church of England Primary School is to provide a high-quality education within a Christian context for children living within the parish boundaries of Thriplow, and also for children from a wider area on religious grounds. We therefore have these shared aims:

  • To help children reach their full potential by promoting their spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, cultural and physical development.
  • To develop a sympathetic understanding of the Christian faith through the special character of the school’s religious education and collective worship.
  • To provide a safe, caring environment where every child, regardless of ethnic group, religion, socio-cultural background, gender, special needs or disability, is valued and listened to and has equal access to opportunities for learning and achieving.
  • To foster the development of self-esteem and to promote attitudes of mutual respect, understanding and responsibility within the whole school community.
  • To stimulate in children a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world and to encourage them to search for truth, meaning and purpose in life, thus providing opportunities to search for a faith by which to live.
  • To give high priority to links between school, home, Governors and the parish community, as well as co-operating with other Church Schools.