Arts at Thriplow

Arts at Thriplow 

At Thriplow, Art is valued as an essential part of our children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum, and is integrated into our cross-curricular approach to learning. We know that Art has a key role in developing curiosity, creativity, and self-expression, as well as resilience, confidence, and critical-thinking.

At Thriplow, our children...

  • create a range of products and artworks

  • develop key artistic skills

  • explore a wide range of media, materials, and techniques 

  • confidently use a sketchbook to try out new things, as well as keep a portfolio of 'final pieces'
  • discover a range of local, national, and international artists from across history 

  • celebrate their Art through the creation of displays throughout the school

  • reflect upon and evaluate their art  

The Thriplow Art curriculum places powerful knowledge at its heart, and has been carefully designed and curated to allow our children to develop their skills and knowledge through exploring a range of concepts, techniques and artists. This Arts curriculum here at Thriplow enables our children to become informed and confident artists.
At Thriplow we have developed our Arts curriculum using high quality exemplary planning resources which are research informed, namely The Primary Knowledge Curriculum.
A whole school overview of the units and lessons taught in the subject of Art at school can be found below.
Also, a detailed overview of the skills and knowledge taught through our Arts curriculum is available below, as well as our rationale and information about how our curriculum aligns with the National Curriculum. 
The Thriplow Art Galleries
Please see each year group’s gallery below for a visual insight into some of the artists and techniques the children have been exploring.
Reception's Art Gallery
Year 1's Art Gallery
Year 2's Art Gallery
Year 3/4's Art Gallery
Year 4's Art Gallery
Year 5's Art Gallery
Year 6's Art Gallery
EYFS/KS1 Art Club's Gallery