Welcome to Butterflies
Autumn Term 2022


We have had a fantastic start to the term! It has been wonderful to welcome the children back as Year Twos and they have been working so hard already!


This letter will give you information about what your children will be learning this term, as well as confirming routines for life in Butterfly Class.


Mrs How will be teaching this year on Monday and Fridays. Mrs Fouché will be teaching on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mrs Walker will be working in class as our teaching assistant and Mrs Symmons will be taking the class into the Wildspace on Wednesday afternoons.


In our Maths lessons this term we will be focussing on the topics of Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Shape. However, alongside that we will continue to continue to give the children the opportunity to develop a range of mathematical skills, through our Mental Maths sessions, Morning Maths sessions and other activities.


It will really support your child’s learning in Maths if you can give them opportunities at home to practise using money (finding totals of coins etc) and to look at clocks with you to talk about how we tell the time. We have found that these are areas where support at home can be particularly beneficial.


Here are some links to websites that you can use to support your child’s learning in Maths. Do let us know if you have any questions about them.







In addition to this, the White Rose App supports our learning in school and is straightforward and simple to navigate.


Our English will be based around the texts The Last Wolf, The Pea and the Princess, Rapunzel and The Night Before Christmas. The children will continue to explore spelling and phonics as part of our Sounds-Write scheme. The children in Year 2 will continue to look at alternative spellings of different sounds.


Later this half term, children will bring home spellings books with spellings in them that are linked to our learning in phonics. These are not to simply learn off by heart – we will not be doing spelling tests in school as they have been proven to have very little impact on a child’s learning. We encourage the children to practise writing the words, put them into sentences, group them depending on how the sound in the word is spelt etc. This will hopefully support your child’s learning in school without becoming overwhelming or stressful for them or for you. New spellings will be issued fortnightly – more details to follow.


The children will be taught grammar in discrete sessions but these sessions will be linked in with the English, so that the children have lots of opportunities to put their learning in grammar sessions into practice.


Children will continue to bring a reading book home every day. This will be matched carefully to their progress in reading so as to ensure that the books are a suitable match for their level. It is essential that the children read to an adult at home every day. We cannot emphasise enough how important this is!


We are also going to encourage the children to borrow books from our class library as part of our emphasis on ‘reading for pleasure’. The children will be free to take home a book from the class library which they can keep for as long as they like. They may wish to read it themselves or they may wish to share it with an adult. We will ask the children to take responsibility for ‘signing out’ the books.


This half term in Geography, we are going to be learning about maps, building on our knowledge from Year 1 and honing our map drawing skills.


After half term, we will be learning about the Romans in Britain in history. Excitingly, we will be visited in December by History off the Page  (https://www.historyoffthepage.co.uk/) who will immerse the children in learning about the Romans. Details about the Roman day, together with information about payment, will be shared nearer the time.


In RE, we will be learning more about Judaism – specifically the Jewish idea of Repentance – before moving on to learn about Jesus as a Saviour during the build up to Christmas.


Our music learning this term will give the children the opportunity to listen to and respond to a wide variety of music. They will have the opportunity to create their own compositions using the classroom instruments, including our wonderful new set of glockenspiels paid for by the PTA. The children are really enjoying learning to play the recorder. Please make sure recorders and recorder books are in school on Fridays – and please make sure they are named! It would be wonderful if each child could find a little bit of time each week to practise their recorder at home.


We have already had lots of fun exploring colour in art this half term. We will later be looking closely at artwork by Paul Klee and Alexander Calder. After half term we will be thinking about colour, shape and texture.


In our Science lessons this half of term we will be studying the human body. We will be learning about the skeletal system and the digestive and the circulatory systems. The children will spend time thinking about how they can keep their bodies healthy through exercise and healthy eating. In the second half of the Autumn term our Science topic will be Living Things and their Environments. In these lessons the children will be learning about the features of a variety of habitats and the creatures that live in them.


PE takes places on Tuesday afternoons. On this day the children will need to wear their full PE kit all day. They will also take part in daily physical exercise in the form of the Daily Mile. This term in PE the children will be developing their fundamental movement skills (balancing, running and jumping) and their object control skills (throwing, catching and striking).


The children will be learning some French phrases through song and simple conversations on Thursday mornings. They will start off this year by learning greetings and how to introduce themselves.


For our DT lessons we have a number of exciting projects planned. We will be teaching these lessons in a block, over the course of a few days. Our project this term will be to design some yummy food for Christmas and we hope that you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the fruits of the children’s labours!


This term in our Computing lessons we will be covering two units – Online Safety and Effective Searching. Aside from our Computing lessons will be using the Ipads regularly to develop the children’s computing skills and to support learning in other areas of the curriculum.  Each child will be reminded of their logins for Purple Mash. Purple Mash can be used to practise different skills at home.


We will be teaching weekly PSHE lessons. This term our sessions and conversations will be centred around new beginnings and belonging and how we can work together to tackle bullying as part of anti-bullying week. Alongside the regular PSHE lessons we will, of course, have impromptu sessions to address any important issues as they arise. Internet safety will be taught as part of our PSHE lessons. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ is a useful website for parents to visit.


Each child has already been allocated a day for Show and Tell. We would love for you to encourage your child to do this. It really improves their confidence and speaking and listening skills by taking part each week.


We continue to use Tapestry in class on a regular basis. We love getting feedback from parents on our posts so please continue to ‘like’ and comment!


Each child has a Purple Mash accounts – password reminder will be sent home in reading records.


Communication is so vital between parents and teachers so please do catch us at the end of the day if you have any concerns or questions. If it is something that needs a longer discussion, we can arrange a meeting at another time.


Thank you for your continued  support.


Mrs How and Mrs Fouché