Autumn Term 


Welcome to Caterpillar Class with Mrs. McPhee and Mrs McGreal


Welcome Back! It is very exciting to welcome everyone to the new school year after the summer holidays. We are both really looking forward to teaching your child this year and hope this letter will provide you with all the information you need to ease you into life in Caterpillar Class. Mrs McPhee will be teaching on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mrs McGreal will teach on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Varghese, our Teaching Assistant, will be with us every morning all week.

Expectations and Routines

The transition into Key Stage 2 is all about independence as a learner and taking responsibility for yourself as a member of the school community. The Year 4s will be acting as role models, and all of the children have taken an active part in deciding what the rules and expectations of Caterpillar Class should be.

We request that children use a school bag no larger than a book bag so that it can fit in their draws. In Key Stage 2 children are allowed to bring a pencil case in to school. We would like to encourage children not to have a rubber in their pencil cases as we do not want to encourage the routine rubbing out of possible errors, as the visible correction of these is a sign of learning rather than a ‘blot on the landscape.’ We do have rubbers available for them to use if necessary.

It is essential that children have comprehensive water proof clothes as they will be going outside in all weathers. This includes a pair of named wellington boots, a named waterproof coat with a hood and, ideally, a named pair of waterproof trousers. Any cold weather clothing can be also be brought in when appropriate and we ask this too is named. 

Please ensure that children have a jumper or cardigan every day as doors and windows will be kept open for ventilation purposes.


Please have a look at the table below which will give you an insight into what we will be learning about in each of the curriculum areas during this Autumn Term.




Greek Myths and Legends

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


Number: Place value, Number: Addition and Subtraction

Number: Multiplication and Division, Measures:  Length and Perimeter  


The Human Body

Classification of Plants and Animal


Creation/Fall (Digging Deeper)

Kingdom of God



Spatial Sense

Mediterranean Europe


Ancient Greece


Coding, safety, research


Light and Space


Netball Cross Country Running




Recorder Practice




Myself and My Relationships

My Emotions

Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

Independence and Reading

The whole class will be enjoying Greek Myths and Legends, and then after half term, C.S Lewis’s classic, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.

We would like your child to have their own copy of the books if at all possible. If you have already bought the books, please send them in with your child.

Being an independent reader is an important part of life in Caterpillars. We make sure that your child is reading a book that is both appropriate for their level and one that they will enjoy reading independently.

Your child will also have a reading record that they must take home every day. This is their responsibility to remember, but please can you give them gentle reminders at the start of this new academic year. We ask that you read regularly with your child, regardless of their level, as the process of learning to read continues up until the end of GCSEs! Every time you listen to your child read make a note in their reading record. Children will be shown how they can comment in their record, but it is nice to see parents comment at least once a week too. Children on the reading scheme should read with an adult at home every day and hand their book in to be changed as soon as it is finished. Adults in school will check the children’s reading records regularly throughout the week.

Physical Education

P.E. will take place on Friday afternoons.

Every Friday children must come to school in their P.E. kit, which they will wear for the entire day and which they will return home in.  No P.E. kits will be left in school. We request that children wear an unbranded track suit (dark blue where possible) and their tee-shirt should be their house colour. It is essential that your child wears layers to ensure they are warm enough to be outside for an entire P.E. lesson regardless of the weather. Appropriate trainers are also essential. Children who do not have the appropriate P.E kit will not be able to do P.E.

Religious Education and Ethos

There is an assembly every day. We have a great Christian ethos throughout the school in which we encourage the children to be polite and respectful when moving around the school, at lunchtime as well as when speaking to each other and adults.


At first, daily reading and regular use of Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars will be the only homework that your child is expected to do. We would encourage the children to continue to use these resources to support their learning.  In time, the children will be bringing home mental maths books to complete on a weekly basis but this will not be until the New Year. They may also have spellings or times tables to learn, but again this will not start until later in the school year. For now, their only homework is to read!

Occasionally, children may be asked to do some research on a particular topic for homework, although a letter will accompany this, explaining what to do.

The expectations set out in the National Curriculum suggest that, by the end of Year 4, your child should know up to their 12 times table and the related division facts. As such, we will be using our times tables regularly. Strong times tables knowledge will be invaluable for their work across the mathematics curriculum. Please help your child to practise their times tables at home on a regular basis, using Times Tables Rock Stars at home is encouraged.

It would be helpful if you would work with your child at the start of the autumn term to help them consolidate their spellings of the high frequency words, these can be found online. We encourage you to practise the ones they find difficult on a regular basis at home. For the rest of the year we will focus on the Year 3/4 spelling patterns and rules together with the Year 3/4 spelling words.


Positive home/school Communication is key to providing your child with the best learning experience. Although we are available for brief messages at the beginning and end of the school day, longer or more serious communications are best organised via the school office. If there is anything troubling your child, please encourage them to tell us about it as soon as possible so that we can support them in resolving it.


Throughout the year, as part of our computing curriculum, we will be looking at how your child can stay safe online.

We encourage you to also discuss this at home on a regular basis and further information on e-safety can be found on the website where you can find age appropriate resources to view with your child.

We are looking forward to enjoying a busy and exciting term.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Mrs. McPhee, Mrs. McGreal & Mrs Varghese