Summer Term 

Maths - Time, including the number of days in each month, year etc. word problems and of course telling the time using five minute intervals. We will continue to look at times tables with Times table Rock stars and mental maths too   We will continue our work on fractions and go onto decimals. Later on this term we will move onto properties of shapes, statistics and position and direction. 

English -  This half term, The Highland Falcon Thief is our chosen text for whole class reading and guided reading. Along with continued focus on grammar, including a focus on up-levelling sentences. We will looking at characteristics of mystery/adventure stories and writing our own. 

After half term, our text will be The Wind in the Willows. We will be looking at play scripts and developing character descriptions.  

Art - The Byzantine Empire - Learning about Constantinople and making mosaic self portraits.

Computing - Programming, using an online turtle.

Music - Composing and performing and playing pieces on our recorders too.

Latin - Continuing the foundations of listening to Latin and learning nouns and verbs, including the masculine and feminine forms.

PE - A focus on Cricket skills; fielding and catching.

History- We will be learning about The Stuarts for the whole term. 

Science - this half of term we are studying states of matter and the water cycle. Next half term our topic is electricity.  

Geography- This half of term we are learning about London and South East England.  After half term, we will be learning about Japan.

RE- we are learning about Sikhism this half term and Judaism next half term.

PSHE- we will continue our work on Health and Safer Lifestyles,  Relationships and Managing Change.