Church Schools

‘The outstanding community ethos of ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ shines through in the excellent pastoral care based on trust and mutual respect, which permeates out into the parental body and beyond’

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report May 2014.

We are a Church of England Primary School within the Diocese of Ely. .  This means that our ethos is founded upon the Christian principles of love, forgiveness and redemption. We are linked with the Parish Church, so that the children may worship in Church as a normal part of their school life.

The teachers are appointed because they accept the religious purpose of the school, as well as for their professional qualifications.

Church schools are for all children, for those whose parents profess another faith than our own, or who have no faith at all.  We welcome this and take care not to disturb the religious loyalty of such children.  Our aim is to educate children in a happy atmosphere so that when they grow up they may have standards by which to evaluate the world around them.

We think of ourselves as a family and believe that it is because of this family feel that we have many people from outside Thriplow who wish their children to attend our school. Our Christian Ethos is very important to us and it is evident in all that we do here in school and in the wider community.

There are very close links with our Christian family at St. George’s Church in Thriplow. Once every half term, a Holy Communion service is held in school, within school hours, which is open to all members of the church and village community.

Thriplow Church of England (Aided) School has a tradition of very high quality Collective Worship which sets the tone for how our community works together in trust and love in furtherance of God’s kingdom here on earth. Collective Worship is led by staff, children, clergy from St. George’s and our school chaplain. As well as this, we occasionally welcome visitors to lead our worship such as GenR8.

Collective Worship

This is the time when the school meets together as a ‘family’ and within this meeting there is always a corporate act of worship. It varies in format and content and reflects current issues as well as Biblical teaching. It should be found acceptable by all denominations but parents do have the right to withdraw their children from this time if they feel that attendance is contrary to their own beliefs.