Collective Worship

As a Church of England school, Collective Worship takes place daily in accordance with the Christian Faith. Education in worship is an important part of any child's religious education, Every child is entitled to know how it feels to be involved in singing, praying (aloud and in silence), listening, thinking, reading and talking in the context of worship. They begin to learn what it is like to worship through participation.
Our aims are:
• To highlight and nurture the spiritual dimension through experiencing worship.
• To provide children with a vocabulary of worship and an experience of a wide variety of worship forms, including symbols and imagery.
• To enable pupils to make effective use of silence in opportunities for reflection, contemplation, meditation and prayer.
• To celebrate gifts, talents and achievements.
• To provide an opportunity for children to become acquainted with people from the local and wider community, particularly the local church.
• To provide an opportunity to bring before God in prayer personal needs and those of others.
• To share with participants some of the central teachings of the Christian faith at an appropriate level and thereby give them the encouragement to explore their own beliefs and understanding of God within a Christian framework.
• To effectively and appropriately respond to any significant pastoral need in the life of the school or the wider community.
All pupils are required to attend the daily assemblies. Children are not withdrawn on educational grounds (e.g. for swimming lessons), but they may be withdrawn from these acts of worship on religious grounds.