History at Thriplow

History at Thriplow

At Thriplow, we teach History with the intention of allowing our children to gain a sense of their own place in the passage of time. Our History curriculum enables our children to develop an appreciation of the impact of historical events and people, as well as an awareness of how these things have shaped our present and will continue to shape our futures.

At Thriplow, our children...

  • Develop a broad vocabulary of historical terms.
  • Empathise with historical figures and the events they experienced, but also critically evaluate their decisions and behaviour.
  • Identify links and contrasts between events at different places and times in history.
  • Make comparisons between our present life experiences and the experiences of others in the recent and distant past.
  • Explore, investigate and compare different texts, images and objects and other sources.
  • Visit historical sites and museums.
  • Participate in activity days with visiting historical experts.
  • Contribute to our whole-school timeline.
  • Use different methods to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, such as written explanations, recounts, pictures, drama, sculpture, and cookery.
  • Explore history as a discrete subject whilst developing an understanding of the way in which it intertwines with other subjects taught at Thriplow.

At Thriplow our teaching and learning of the subject centres around the History element of the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC). This curriculum places powerful knowledge at its heart, and has been carefully designed and curated to allow our children to develop their History skills and knowledge through exploring sources from a range of eras from across the world. This History curriculum here at Thriplow enables our children to become skilled and well-informed historians.

An overview of the skills and knowledge taught at Thriplow through the History PKC is available below, as well as the History PKC's rationale and information about how it aligns with the National Curriculum is available below: