AUTUMN 2019 Mayfly Class Newsletter

Welcome to the Mayfly Class!                                                                                                


We have had a busy start to the Autumn term and the children have been ready to take on new challenges. It has been lovely to get reacquainted with all the children and to see how they have blossomed since we last taught them in Year 2. As they are now in Upper Key Stage 2 we will be working with them to increase their confidence, resilience and independence.

Mrs Harley will be teaching your children all day on Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Fouché will be teaching the children on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Fisher will be supporting us in class every morning.


Our overall topic for this term is ‘The Victorians’. Within this theme we will be investigating significant events, discoveries and famous people from the past. We will be comparing and contrasting life as we experience it with the daily lives of the Victorians. We are already looking forward to our Victorian Day staged by History Off the Page.

In the Spring term we will be learning about the Solar System and in our final term of Year 5 we will be exploring India and the Indus Valley Civilisations. Our Spring term ‘trip’ will be a Planetarium experience and in the Summer term the children will be going on the Residential Trip.


In Mayfly class we will be encouraging the children to make positive choices regarding their behaviour. The children have worked together to develop the ‘Mayflies Expectations and Aspirations’ to help them to get the very best from their time in Year 5.

To support them in this we will be using a number of strategies. We will continue to use house points and certificates to recognise the children’s positive behaviour, achievements and efforts. In addition, we will be starting to use a ‘Golden Box’. Each week the teachers in Mayfly Class will choose two children who have exemplified our class Expectations and Aspirations. These children will then be able to select a reward from the box. To encourage a sense of teamwork and respect for others we will also have a class reward jar. Positive behaviour will result in a piece of pasta being awarded and when the jar is full the class can choose their reward.

If we become aware that any of the children are struggling to meet any of our class behaviour targets then in the first instances we will speak to them about it and remind them of our expectations and aspirations. We would also try to understand whether there are any underlying issues that are contributing factors. We would then give them opportunities to ‘make it right’. If there is then a continuation or escalation of the behaviour then we would refer the issue to Mrs Penty or Mrs McGreal. If the negative behaviour continues or is particularly serious then we will inform parents.




Reading regularly at home with an adult makes a huge difference to the children’s ability to develop their reading skills. It is very important to discuss the books they are reading so that they can develop their comprehension skills. Where necessary please remind the children to keep their reading record up to date.

On a Friday the children will bring home a spelling or grammar activity. The activity will need to be completed and handed in by the following Thursday.

The children will continue to bring home their Mental Maths books to practise their maths skills. They must have their books with them on a Monday so that the teacher can go through their work from the previous week with them.

Mathletics is also a wonderful resource for practising maths skills so we hope the children will regularly make the most of opportunities to use it.


PE kits can be left in school. The children will have an extended session of PE on a Thursday. We also aim to do a daily mile whenever possible to keep them active.

As part of our computing curriculum, we teach the children the basics of e-safety. If you would like any further advice about any aspects of e-safety there is a recommended website which has age related advice.

 We are looking forward to enjoying a busy and exciting term. We want to be sure that your child enjoys it too. If there is anything bothering them, please encourage them to tell us about it as soon as possible so that we can support them in resolving it, particularly if it involves a disagreement with one of their peers. If you ever have a concern, worry or question then please do not hesitate to contact us via the office or catch us in the playground after school.


 Thank you for your support.



Mrs Harley, Mrs Fouche and Mrs Fisher