Our Purpose

The aim of Thriplow School is to provide a happy, safe and stimulating atmosphere where:
• Christian values are promoted.
• Respect for others and personal responsibility are expected.
• An understanding of fundamental British values including individual liberty and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.
• Children enjoy learning and are confident and willing to try.
• High academic standards are encouraged and the needs of every child are met.
• Teachers, parents and carers work together as partners in their children’s education.
• Foundations for life long learning are established.
• Children develop independent learning skills.
• Community spirit is fostered.
Our aims for spiritual development are:
• To develop the ability to use all one’s senses.
• To promote an awareness and enjoyment in using one’s imaginative potential.
• To foster feelings such as awe, wonder, thankfulness, mystery and joy.
• To develop individual self-confidence in expressing inner thought in a variety of ways.
• To appreciate the role of stillness and silence in different faith traditions.
• To recognise the value of relationships and each person as a person of worth.
• To sustain the self-esteem of pupils in their learning experiences.
• To develop an acknowledgement and awareness of the principles and values by which we live.
• To provide opportunities for the expression of imagination, insight, empathy and understanding throughout the curriculum.
• To promote opportunities for stillness, silence and reflection.
• To foster the emotional life of the pupil, particularly with regard to the experience of feelings.
• To encourage the search for meaning, the quest for learning, and the joy of learning.
The policy will be delivered across the whole curriculum, including school worship, pastoral provision and will be evidenced in other policies.