Reflection and Prayer

Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God and enables us to develop and strengthen our life with him. At Thriplow School we introduce the children to prayer in different ways. The children pray in class at the beginning and end of each day. We pray together in Assemblies. The children are invited to write their own prayers for the intercessions in the communion services. We use quiet reflection in assemblies to enable the children to think about what they have been hearing and relate it to their own experience. There is a prayer box outside the head teacher’s office where the children are encouraged to leave their own written prayers. These are taken up to St George’s church and prayed during our morning prayer service on Tuesday mornings. This enables the church members to identify with the children in prayer.

Reception Class Start of the Day Prayer
Thank you God for this new day, In our school to learn through play. Please be with us all day long, In every story, game and song.
Reception Class Lunchtime Prayer
3,2,1. 1,2,3.
Thank you God for feeding me.
Reception Class End of the Day Prayer
Thank you for our lovely day,
Please guide us safely on our way.
Key Stage 1 Lunchtime Prayer
Twelve fifteen, twelve fifteen,
That’s the time for lunch. Thank you God for food we eat,
Munch, Munch, Munch!
Key Stage 1 End of the Day Prayer
Now the busy day is done,
Father bless us everyone.
Keep us safely through the night,
Until we see the morning light.