The Thriplow Curriculum

The Thriplow Curriculum 

Our curriculum intent is based on the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT) vision for curriculum as well as our own vision for the children in our school community. 

 We are proud to be part of the DEMAT family who state that:  

“All DEMAT children are entitled to a knowledge-rich curriculum where knowledge is valued, specified, well-sequenced and taught to be remembered. The curriculum is the progression model, to which all are entitled. It is not left to chance. We seek opportunities to ensure that children are taught “powerful knowledge” which takes children beyond their otherwise lived experiences and opens up life choices”.

We believe that we are here to give Thriplow children every opportunity so they can succeed in life. We have high aspirations for all children, teaching them to be independent, open-minded, inquisitive children as a basis to prepare them not just for secondary school but for life.

Our curriculum is grounded in language and vocabulary. It is broad and balanced and importance is placed on being knowledge-rich. Children are encouraged to make connections in order to build on their learning and each subject area follows a clear progression. The Thriplow curriculum has been carefully designed using materials from a variety of sources, details of which can be found on the subject-specific curriculum pages.

Please contact the Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher via the office email ( for more information about our curriculum if required.